Amit Shah: Congress black shirts spark anti-temple sentiment

Congress deliberately chose the color and the second anniversary of the beginning of the Ram Temples construction . The Congress voted this day to oppose the building of the Ram Janmabhoomi Temple, sending a statement that they want to carry on their appeasement agenda .

Amit Shah, the Union home minister, referred to Congress functionaries' black shirt demonstrations as part of the party's appeasement agenda on Friday, claiming that it deliberately chose the color and the second anniversary of the beginning of the Ram Temple's construction to express opposition to the restoration of the temple, which symbolizes the hopes of crores of people.The Congress has reiterated its opposition to temple development, and the concerns about ED intervention and price rise are only excuses.Shah said that they had tried to relay the message subtly because they could not afford to publicly declare their opposition to the temple.There have been no protests in the region, no brutality, and the PM has fulfilled the expectations of millions of people.

Although the Congress has been agitating for several days, Shah said that they have never held a demonstration in color.They were all sporting normal clothing, according to everyone.But they donned black clothing for the Friday rally to express their dissatisfaction with PM Modi's peaceful resolution of an over 550-year-old crisis that was linked to the faith of millions, he said.Shah said that Congress deliberately planned to hold the black shirt protest on the day of the second anniversary of the foundations for the Ayodhya temple, and that the ED took no action that may have triggered the colour protest.

Why did they select the Friday for demonstrations, he asked.Despite being in power for the bulk of the time since Independence, Congress failed to intervene, while Modi found a solution to the problem in a diplomatic manner, according to Shah, adding that the Ram Temple is now in full swing.Jairam Ramesh, the head of the Congress media unit, accused Shah of giving a distasteful twist to their retaliation, despite the scathing remark.In the past, the home minister has made a vain attempt to distract, debunk, polarize, and put a sexist twist to the Congress's democratic protests against price rise, unemployment, and GST.

According to the home minister, the Congress' appeasement tactics have hurt the country without benefiting the organisation.According to Shah, it was the policy of deception that has led to the present situation in Congress.Shah was also critical of Congresses' demonstrations over an ED probe into suspected money laundering in the National Herald lawsuit, in which Sonia Gandhi and Rahul were investigated, arguing that everyone should follow the laws of the land.Congress should act responsibly and cooperate as required by law.

In a direct reference to Congress functionaries who want to defy prohibitory orders, Congress officials should also ensure that there is no law and order situation, he said.On this monumental day, Union education minister Dharmendra Pradhan said that it was not just a coincidence that black money earners wore black.Pradhan said it was a well-thought-out concept for the vote bank and appeasement tactics.