An escaping rape suspect has been apprehended.

Baria was arrested for supporting an accused in a rape lawsuit . Baria grabbed a policeman and ran away from the police station .

Vadodara: On Saturday, a man accused in a rape lawsuit who escaped from Vadu police custody in Padra taluka of Vadodara was arrested by the Vadu police for supporting an accused in a rape lawsuit.On Wednesday, he was escorted to the police station.Baria attempted to relieve himself in the police station's lavatory at night and was led away from the station.When returning from the lavatory, Baria grabbed the policeman and ran away.

The district police formed several teams to track him down and capture him.According to reports from the LCB, Baria was found in Piplej village, near Chhota Udepur town.A team of police officers rushed to the town and apprehended him.He was handcuffed to the Vadu police.