Andhra Pradesh: 150 suicides a year are due to marital problems.

Two people died on the day of their marriage in Visakhapatnam in the last one week . In Andhra Pradesh, up to 760 people committed suicide between 2016 and 2020 due to marital issues .

VISAKHAPATNAM: Marriages are often referred to as long-term commitments, according to VISAKHAPATNAM.However, this does not necessarily mean that all marriages are happy.In Andhra Pradesh, up to 760 people committed suicide between 2016 and 2020 due to marital issues.It means that 150 people commit suicide every year due to marriage-related issues, in other words.

P Dinesh, a 28-year-old groom, died just hours before his wedding at Jai Andhra Colony, within the Malkapuram police station boundaries in Vizag district.M Srujana, a 22-year-old bride, collapsed and died during a marriage ceremony in Vizag, just moments before the groom was to tie the nuptial vows at Madhurawada, under PM Palem station boundaries.She is accused of ingesting some poisonous substance.According to a survey by the NCRB, Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India were more frequent among women who died by suicide due to marriage-related issues than among men.

Non-settlement of marriages (differences between spouses), dowry, extramarital affairs, and divorce are among the causes of marriage-related suicides.More men ended their lives in the extramarital affairs category due to a lack of dignity.According to NN Raju, a noted psychiatrist, the biggest reasons for killing oneself are obsession and depression.According to him, the recent incidents in Vizag city were caused by a lack of quality marriage counseling, and the young people were unable to deal with the challenges in their lives.

A recently married woman ended her life in an equal fashion, angry that her husband did not take her to the cinema and shopping.Small differences between wife and husband resulted in drastic changes in one of them, according to the man.If a bad marriage is troubling either the man or the woman mentally, they should consult with a psychologist or go for divorce rather than ending their lives, police said.