Andhra Pradesh: An infant dies days after surgery, and his family is outraged.

A five-year-old girl died in a private hospital in Guntur, India, on Saturday . The child was admitted to Guntur GGH a week ago with an eye injury .

VIJAYAWADA (viavia): On Saturday, a five-year-old girl who had been fighting for her life for the past few days died in a private hospital while receiving medical attention.The children's parents claimed that their daughter died as a result of negligence by a doctor at Guntur GGH.The child was admitted to GGH a week ago with an eye injury.Doctors informed the parents that the surgery was a minor one and would be completed in ten minutes.

She was transferred to a private hospital in Guntur later that year, on the recommendation of doctors at the GGH.She was on a ventilator for more than three days there.The child was discovered dead on Saturday by doctors at the private hospital.According to the girls' parents, the surgery went horribly wrong due to the negligence of Guntur GGH doctors.

The child was admitted to GGH by Dr. Prabhavati, Guntur GGH superintendent, who told S that he had an eyelid dermatitis problem.Before the surgery, the child was given anaesthesia, but her heart rate fell, causing a decrease in blood flow to her brain.In the event that the heart rate goes down after anaesthesia, the patient resumes normalcy, but in extremely rare cases, such untoward events occur.She said that the inquiry committee's report was given to officials on Saturday evening.