Andhra Pradesh: Another babu is sentenced to prison for contempt.

M Hari Narayan was found guilty of violating court orders . He was sentenced to three months in prison, plus a 2,000-cent fine .

VIJAYAWADA (viavia) — The high court has convicted another IAS officer of contempt of court.In a lawsuit brought against him in 2018, M Hari Narayan, the then commissioner of Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, was found guilty of violating court orders.He was sentenced to three months in prison, plus a 2,000-cent fine by the judge.Sri Pentamamba RH Colony Pedagantyada Kuragayalu and Chillara Varthaka Sangham have moved the high court, challenging the GVMC's decision to close down 70 shops near the Gantyada junction.

Officials at GVMC failed to follow due procedure.Following the arguments made by GVMC's standing counsel, orders were issued, stating that they would not interfere with the shops unless they find the petitioners to be encroachers, and that they should do so as a precaution.However, the GVMC sent notices to the petitioners under the Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Act and asked them to vacate the shops within 24 hours.Officials from the GVMC pulled out of the shops with bulldozers on January 29, 2018.

According to the Street Vendors Act, officials would give 30 days notice to evict a street vendor that is not recognised by the municipality.The petitioners should have been given notices under the Street Vendors Act rather than the HMC Act because they were allowed by the GVMC.Justice Battu Devanand alleged that GVMC staff did not adhere to the basic law under the Street Vendors Act and broke a high court order requiring no intervention without following due process rules.The then GVMC commissioner was found to be in violation of law by the judge.

The court suspended his term for six weeks and ordered him to surrender to the registrar (judicial) of high court on June 16, 2022 if no appeal is made or no stay is granted by the appellate court.