Andrew Symonds, the ultimate all-rounder, will always be remembered as a larger-than-life personality in cricket.

Andrew Symonds was the sole player in a car crash outside of Townsville, Queensland . Symonds was the sole player in the crash .

New Delhi, India, May 15 : Andrew Symonds, who died at the age of 46, is now mourning the loss of his life.Andrew Symonds was the sole player in a car crash outside of Townsville, Queensland, two months after losing champion leg-spinner Shane Warne to a heart attack, and police later this year revealed that he was a larger-than-life figure in Australian cricket.But the greatest of them all was the 2003 World Cup, where Symonds burst onto the scene with his best innings, torched Pakistan with an unbeaten 143 in Johannesburg early in the tournament, helped Australia remain unbeaten and then defeated India in a one-sided final.Andrew Symonds was always in the spotlight for being the best all-round fielder cricket has seen, whether it was in Tests and ODIs for Australia or late in his career for Queensland, with modern marvels Ricky Ponting, Herschelle Gibbs, Jonty Rhodes, and Paul Collingwood, among others.

Rhodes said in 2006 that he is a true all-round fieldman, according to to this, Rhodes said that he can do very close to the wicket, getting down to the ground, diving, and cutting off balls if he's in the ring.He is quick and can set boundaries.But his strength is the extra dimension.

It can't be said enough praise for a truly remarkable cricketer.