Anitha attended LKS on both days.

Anitha Pullayil was present in the assembly complex both days of the meeting . She was not invited to the conference, but was not invited, the chief marshal said .

Thiruvananthapuram: An investigation report by the chief marshal of the legislative assembly regarding Anitha Pullayil, an Italy-based Keralite who had previously argued controversy inside the assembly during the Loka Kerala Sabha (LKS), has stated that she was present inside the complex both days of the meeting, but that she had not entered the Sankaranarayanan Thampi hall, where the meeting was being held, according to the report.According to the report, she had met with many people in the corridors and buildings of the assembly complex, as well as Sabha TV employees inside the building's office.The report has also revealed that Sabha TV employees had accompanied her when she was asked to leave by the watch and ward.However, it is unknown from what door she had entered the high-security assembly complex.

The chief marshal also looked at the CCTV pictures taken from various parts of the complex.Nevertheless, Norka, the event's coordinator, admitted that she was not invited to the conference.Anitha was a subject of controversy after she was discovered to have an affair with fraudster Monson Mavunkal.In the previous two editions of the competition, she was an LKS member.