Are lab-grown diamonds superior to those that are mined?

Surya Jain, CEO and co-founder of Aupulent, shares his thoughts on lab-grown diamonds . Says they are the future gemstone of the diamond industry .

Lab-grown diamonds are seeing a revival in popularity, and a great deal of people are now choosing lab-grown diamonds over mined diamonds.We spoke with Surya Jain, CEO and co-founder of Aupulent, and asked him to share more information on lab-grown diamonds.Why are lab-grown diamonds superior to mined diamonds?SJ: I would like to emphasize that a lab-grown diamond is a genuine diamond and that there are no negatives associated with it.

The only difference is the quality of a mined diamond relative to a lab-grown one.A mined diamond is extracted from the earth's shackles, while a lab-grown diamond is grown in a controlled environment in a lab.Lab-grown diamonds are unquestionably the right option because they have the same properties as a mined diamond, but they cost you 50-60% less than mined diamonds.Lab-grown diamonds have the same shine and shine as mined diamonds, and even the most experienced eye would be able to tell the difference between the two.

If they're really the long-term solution, is that a big no?The lab-grown diamond industry has rapidly expanded in recent years, responding to a high demand, with 6-7 million carats produced worldwide in 2020 alone.Since they have a lower carbon footprint than mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are gaining traction as the eco-friendly option for consumers who are ecologically conscious and ardent about sustainability.They are non-humanitarian gemstones that are conflict-free and eliminate non-humanitarian activities, making it a sustainable choice for generations to come.

SJ: Will lab-grown diamonds become the ethical option to say yes?The answer is yes.Lab-grown diamonds are the future of the diamond industry and they can replace natural ones.It also relies on a rational and ethical act taken by a consumer, which eventually results in a desire to buy a diamond, according to me.

Millenials and Gen-Z members are consciously interested in diamonds that are neither toxic nor polluted.Given the years of misery involved with its procurement, it's encouraging to see the Gen-Z population increasingly willing to avoid the mined diamond.In the lab-grown diamond industry, there is a booming demand for engagement rings and jewelry.Lab-grown diamonds are made of pure carbon and are graded for purity in the same labs as mined diamonds.

Tell us more about Aupulent, its development and the journey you've had so far SJ: Aupulent is a one-stop shop for obtaining clean-origin lab-grown diamonds in exotic shapes and styles.We manufacture diamonds at Aupulent using cutting-edge technology that minimizes the environmental impact of extraction.I have been blessed to have a long history in the jewelry industry that has ignited in me a constant undying drive to produce Aupulent of the highest quality.We are proud of our designers and artisans who have years of experience in crafting and curating timeless diamond jewelry for people of all generations.

In the midst of a pandemic, it was difficult to launch the Aupulent journey and create a team of like-minded individuals who were passionate about the jewelry industry.We had to find the right co-founder, launch the startup, design the website, and perfecting the production team as other challenges arose.We have been blessed with a fantastic response to our merchandise, and we are planning on adding custom diamond jewelry to our existing collection.The aim is to provide superior and inexpensive diamond jewelry options that can impact the lives of a whole generation of aspiring Indian women.

Why are planet conscious millenials and Gen Z SJ raving about them?Lab-grown diamonds have been a rage for more than 5 decades, and they've ruled the diamond business for quite some time now.Yes, thanks to recent breakthroughs in the production of lab-grown diamonds.In 2021, the exports of lab-grown diamonds in India increased from 1918.63 crores to 295.23 crores, with India's demand increasing by 50%-60 percent relative to last year, making it a gemstone of the future.

Following the break, we also saw an increase in demand, which I believe is due to revenge shopping, where the children are attempting to indulge in luxurious purchases while still being price-conscious.Since they are a high-end purchase, environmentally friendly, and are available in exotic colors, shapes, and colors, lab-grown diamonds make a good choice.