Arsenal defeats Crystal Palace 2-0 to begin the Premier League season.

Arsenal defeated Crystal Palace 2-0 at Selhurst Park Stadium on Friday . Gabriel Martinelli scored in the first half from a cross, but Arsenal conceded in the second half .

London, United Kingdom, August 6, 2018 : Arsenal defeated Crystal Palace 2-0 at the Selhurst Park Stadium on Friday, winning the first premier league match of the 2022-23 season.Arsenal secured the first three points of their campaign thanks to Gabriel Martinellis header and an own goal from Palaces centre-back Marc Guehi.After a solid pre-season showing, the North-London team delivered in the first game of the season as well.The scorecard could have shown the game as a 2-0 victory for Arsenal, but it wasnt that easy.Patrice Vieiras' side had a tough match, but they were unable to convert their chances.

Gabriel Jesus drove the ball forward shielding from the first player and then pasting two players with remarkable dribbling skills.The striker attempted a shot in the 18-yard box but it was blocked by Guehi when leading the ball into the box.Arsenal had a chance after a second poor possession possession loss in their own half, with the deflected shot hitting Martinelli straight away.Martinelli gave the ball to the left side to new Arsenal left-back Zinchenko, who cut in and attempted a shot, but Palace Goalkeeper Vicente Guaita knocked it away.

The Sakas cross went straight to Zinchenko, who was completely unmarked.For their teammates, the left-back ran the ball in front of the goal.The ball was too high for the first two players but it went straight to Martinelli, who had scored it in goal for Arsenal in the 42nd minute, when Arsenal's poor defense gave Edouard a shot, but he was unable to block it in the first minute of play.Arsenal scored 1-0 in the first half thanks to Zaha's superb pass to Eze on the left flank who was on a run.

Odegaard attempted a pass in front of the goal, but it was blocked by the striker.In the 85th minute, Arsenal made it 2-0.The deflected ball came through to Jesus, who attempted a shot that went wide.The visitors worked the ball in Palaces half quick and hid the opposition.

Saka turned in and attempted a short cross from within the penalty box.Guehi's effort to clear the ball outside went wrong, resulting in an own goal, and the hosts were disappointed with the result, because they dominated the field in possession and made a few chances but could not convert them into goals.