As a result of the unseasonal rain, tomatoes now cost $80 a kilogramme.

Unseasonal rain has hit supplies in Coimbatore, India, causing tomato prices to soar . Farmers are content, but people are suffering from the price rise .

Coimbatore, India: The price of tomatoes has risen to 80 dollars for a kilogram in grocery stores in the city as a result of unseasonal rain hitting supplies.For the past few months, the price has soared.Although farmers are content, it has only added to the hardships of people.The amount of tomato products being delivered on the market has decreased by more than half in the last two months, according to traders.

The price hit an all-time high of 130 per kg in November 2021.Although the price dropped sharply to ten dollars per kilogram in February this year, it has steadily increased since then.Last week, the price of a 1 kg tomato was 70 dollars in supermarket stores.It now costs 80 dollars.

The price may increase for a few more weeks, according to Veronica Rani, a native of Avarampalayam, since tomato was an essential ingredient in most recipes.When I went to a supermarket, I usually bought at least 1 kg tomato.I've reduced the amount of vegetables I prepare for you to only 500g or 250g.While the prices have increased, not all farmers are happy.

Thousands of acres of crop has been destroyed by the rain.The price rise has only benefitted the farmers who were unaffected by the rain.Such farmers, however, are rare.The farmers with the standing crop were lucky, according to him, because one crate (14 kg) would fetch them 1,000.

A large number of farmers have now taken up tomato production, owing to the price rise.