As Delhi Deputy CM Sisodia requests a CBI investigation against former LG Baijal, the verbal battle over Delhi's excise policy continues.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia demands CBI investigate former Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal . Sisodia says Baijal changed his position 48 hours before the new excise policy was adopted .

New Delhi, India, August 6: Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and the Delhi government continued to feud over the Delhi excise policy controversy on Saturday, demanding that CBI investigate former Lieutenant Governor (LG) Anil Baijal for $750 million, but the BJP reacted angrily, claiming Sisodia was making the allegations as he was facing the heat in the case.Sisodia said that the government had to suffer substantial losses because of then Lieutenant Governor Baijal's deliberate revision of his policy on the new excise policy, just 48 hours before it was adopted last year, and that he had written to the CBI asking that they look at how the government was made to suffer losses and profits by altering things indirectly in his previous excise policy, and that the LG had suggested a few changes in the first draft of policy that was sent to him the next time The shops would be distributed equally in the new excise scheme, so it was decided that the tariffs would be equal.The proposed scheme was adopted and submitted to the LG for review in May 2021.Before approving the program, he read it carefully and made vital suggestions.

Even in the unauthorised areas, the shops will be distributed equally.When he had read the policy earlier, Sisodia said he had neither opposed to the establishment of shops in the unauthorised areas nor made any suggestions for improvement.Sisodia, who also heads the Delhi Excise Department, argues that when the files to open the shops were sent to him for review, the LG changed his position.The LG office reacted anthology to the decision.

Since the shops were set to open on November 17, 2021, he was sent a proposal to open the shops in the first week of November 2021.Just two days before the opening of the shops, the LG added a new requirement that prior to opening the shops in the unauthorised areas, he said.It is important to note that the shops have been open in the unauthorised areas for long with the LG's permission.He knew that the order had to be submitted by his office, not by the DDA or MCD.The shops could not be opened in the unauthorised areas due to his change in stand.

Thousands of crores was derived from the stores that opened them.The benefits were also extended to those who open their shops in the forbidden areas deliberately.He alleged that some vendors profited from it while some others suffered losses.I am referring this to the CBI because it is extremely important to see why he changed his mind about it earlier.Why was the decision changed 48 hours before Sisodia took it?

Sisodia's press conference to defend himself allegedly reveals that the noose is tightening around him, according to BJP's Amit Malviya.Manish Sisodias press conference to defend himself in the infamous Liquor Excise case in Delhi just shows that he knows that the noose is tightening around him...Here are the facts.As the long arm of law catches up, he should prepare to join Satyendra Jain soon, Malviya tweeted.BJP chief Gautam Singh was appointed Delhi LG.