As the transition is almost complete, Elon Musk's Twitter Fix-It Team disappears.

Elon Musk's team of lieutenants is already inching toward the door, according to sources . Sources say they have dialed back their own tweeting after using Twitters product team enthusiastically to cheer for Musks advancements .

On Wednesday, Elon Musk told a Delaware court that his Twitter Inc. reorganization is almost over and that he'll spend less time on the business until the end of next week.According to sources familiar with the situation, Musks' team of lieutenants is already inching toward the door.According to sources familiar with the situation, the group of trusted advisors he had by his side during his first few weeks as Twitter chief, including venture capitalists David Sacks, Jason Calacanis, and Sriram Krishnan, have been less visible at the organization over the past week or so.At an all-hands gathering at Twitter San Francisco headquarters last week, none of the guys spoke, and they've dialed back their own tweeting after using Twitter's product team enthusiastically to cheer for Musk's advancements.

Musk recruited product and engineering leaders from Krishnan's previous employment at Twitter, and Behnam Rezaei, who has been running engineering under Musk, had collaborated with him.All three were seen in the office shortly after the sale was concluded, tweeting about it and, in the case of Calacanis and Sacks, discussing it on the podcast they host with fellow investors Chamath Palihapitiya and David Friedberg.According to a source familiar with the situation, Calacanis, Krishnan, and Sacks were added to Twitters internal Slack messaging account, as well as two other VCs who have taken a less low-key public role: Antonio Gracias, a founder of Valor Equity Partners, and Sam Teller, Musks former chief of staff and now a venture partner at Valor Equity.They stepped outside the normative scope of VCs, who tend to Twitter was founded 16 years ago and went public in 2013.

The introduction of a new fraud tool in early November was quickly halted when it allowed the creation of legions of fraudulent accounts.Thousands of workers have been laid off, with some being asked to return days later.Musk has scrambled to reassure spooked advertisers and even addressed the possibility of bankruptcy.During years of spending time together socially and investing in each other's ambitions, the three men earned the billionaires' trust.

Sackss Craft Ventures has invested in many Musks companies, including Boring Co., Neuralink Corp., and Tesla Inc. Krishnan has a personal interest in SpaceX, according to LinkedIn; his employer, Andreessen Horowitz, gave Musk funding to help keep Twitter private.In attempts to earn cash and Bitcoin, Twitter accounts have in the past pretended to be both Calacanis and Sacks.According to a person familiar with the situation, Krishnan joined Twitter as a product manager in 2017, and he got a call from Musk asking him to help him out.Musk has said that the problem of bots on the site prompted him to buy and reform Twitter.

Since Twitter Blue's launch appeared to raise concerns about the identity of users, the podcast hasn't returned to the subject.The $7.99 per month service was still available on Friday.California is the heaviest Twitter user out of the three, with over 600,000 followers and 42,000 tweets.The 51-year-old New York native is a former technology reporter who later founded Launch, a startup accelerator and investment firm.

Put me in the game, coach!Calacanis wrote in a text to Musk that came to light during the deal's controversy.My dream job is to be a CEO of Twitter.In New York, he met with Twitter owners and marketers on Oct. 31.

Musk had dispatched a lieutenant to ask Calacanis to refrain from tweeting so much after he seemed to be too involved in product development or policy, according to the New York Times on Nov. 11.Calacanis's commentary on Friday, as doubts erupted about Twitter's future after many staff signed a severance deal, prompting questions: Who saw this?Sacks replied quickly: How did you get the Twitter to work?Musk goes back the furthest.

Sacks formed Craft Ventures in 2017, which has since supported buy-now, pay-later lender Affirm Holdings Inc. and analytics firm Addepar, according to Robert Bartlett, a law professor at the University of California at Berkeley.However, Bartlett said that if Twitter gains traction, it becomes a platform for securing some important bragging rights.Krishnan, a 39-year-old immigrant to the United States born in Chennai, India, seems to have the most valuable knowledge that is directly related to helping out.According to his LinkedIn profile, he has held product positions at Microsoft Corp., Meta Platform Inc.'s Facebook, and Snapchat parent Snap Inc.

According to a source familiar with the situation, Krishnan did try to assist in Musks impersonation issues in 2017.Things got better over time, but scammers continued to devise new ways to manipulate data.In early 2021, Krishnanan joined Andreessen Horowitz as a general partner, focusing on cryptotechnology.Days before the Twitter Blue service was launched, he issued a defense of the initiative, but has since remained adamant on the issue.

Calacanis did not respond to an email seeking clarification.A representative for Twitter didnt respond to a request for comment.It is yet to be seen if Musk will adhere to his proposal to dedicate less time to Twitter, as he told the judge.He has already announced a relaunch of Twitter Blue Verified, which is set to take place on Nov. 29, and warned all remaining workers that they must accept working long hours at high intensity or take a buyout.

On Sacks' November4 podcast, Elons the CEO, hes running it, hes the decider, hes making the decisions.We were only helping a friend.)