Assam Floods: Worst-Hit Silchar Town Still in Grim Shape with 7 More Dead

Seven more deaths have been recorded in Assam in the last 24 hours . More than 45 lakh residents in 30 districts have been affected by floods and landslides .

Guwahati: In Assam, seven more deaths have been recorded as a result of floods and landslides in the last 24 hours, affecting more than 45 lakh residents in 30 districts.The overflowing Barak River inundated the capital town of southern Assam, affecting almost three lakh residents, and more than 71,000 people have been shifted to relief camps.With no food and water, the town now depends on the central and state disaster forces, as well as the army and the air force for the relief missions.Every day, we are airlifting one lakh bottles of drinking water to Silchar from Guwahati.Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the Centre is monitoring the flood situation in Assam.

The army and the NDRF are stationed in the flood-stricken areas.They are assisting those affected by evacuations and providing assistance.According to he, the Air Force has conducted over 250 sorties as part of the evacuation process.