Assam has discovered ancient copper coins.

Archaeologists believe the coins could be connected to the Mlechchha dynasty . The region is on the banks of the Brahmaputra and the Kuji Beel lake .

Guwahati: In central Assams Morigaon district, the state directorate of archaeology has discovered 12 gold coins and ten broken coins from a collection of rare and unique uniface coins made of copper and silver dating to the time of Tyagsimha (890-900 AD), who was the last ruler of the Mlechchha dynasty.The Mlechchha dynasty ruled Kamarupa from its capital Harruppesvar or today Tezpur, according to the directorate.Only a few of them are made of silver, which the directorate believes merits further investigation.Everyone involved in the recovery believed that it might open up a historical period connected to the Mlechchha dynasty.

Through the Mora-Sonai tributary, the Kuji Beel lake, near which the coins were discovered, is connected to the Brahmaputra.The archaeological remains could be transported by the rushing water or the location has its own rich history, according to Gayatrie Pathak, circle officer Mikirbheta's, who says they were first discovered by a farmer digging the paddy field adjacent to the lake earlier this month.According to the state archaeology department, the paddy field may have been part of the lake in the past.terracotta pieces of body, rim, neck, lid parts, and a cracked pipe and base part were also recovered by a state archaeology department.

Morigaon district administration confiscated the coins on the recommendation of Prof Sheela Bora, convener of INTACH, Assam Chapter, and on the initiative of the state chief secretary, Jishnu Barua.The coins were given to the directorate of archaeology team in Morigaon for further investigation.