At Patna Jn, four lifts will be operational soon.

Railways has started the construction of four lifts at the Patna junction . Railways has instituted a new probe to apprehend miscreants involved in chain pulling and vacuum disconnection in passenger trains .

Patna, India: In response to the increasing footfall of travelers, Tthe railways has started the construction of four lifts at the Patna junction.At the junction, it will also have a separate parking lot for railway employees.This parking space is being constructed near the train ticket office at the western end of the station.According to a railway official, the facility will have the ability to park around 100 two-wheelers.

The RPF teams arrested at least 100 people in this connection before May 15.According to Prakash Panda, senior RPF commandant of Danapur, those who paid the fine on the spot were released, while those who did not were forwarded to judicial custody after filing charges against them at RPF posts.Panda said the regular alarm chain pulling (ACP) and vacuum disconnections continue to impede passenger train normal operation.Several long distance mail and express trains either arriving from or passing through different stations under the division have also been punctually harmed, according to a Danapur railway official.Besides this, the RPF arrested almost 3148 people on Sunday for traveling without tickets at different stations, and the railway ticket check staff received a Rs 19.91 lakh fine from them.