Aurangabad police receives appreciation from headquarters

Police claim the case has been selected for one of the states best reports . Mohammed Zubair, alias Mohammed Rizwan, alias Mohammed Rizwan, has been named the accused in this case .

AURANGABAD (English): Since successfully solving a case of a man murdering his companion in order to craft up his own murder tale, the city police have received acclaim from the police department.Mohammed Zubair, alias Mohammed Rizwan of Firozpur, Uttar Pradesh, has been named the accused in this case.He is a computer hardware dealer.Sudhakar Warangne of Molkheda, in Soyegaon, Aurangabad district, was the deceased.

According to the investigation, the accused was under a debt of Rs 25 lakh, which he had obtained as a loan from a bank.Since he was unable to repay the debt, he had been looking for ways to get rid of it.According to police commissioner Nikhil Gupta, our team not only established the identity of the unidentified body, but also uncovered the story and arrested the accused within 20 days of the incident.Senior inspector Sandeep Gurme, who was then in charge of the Waluj police station, said on July 3, 2021, the police team discovered a partially decomposed and partially charred body with a mutilated face and private parts.

The deceased's clothing, backpack, and identification card said he was a man from Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh.Gurme said that after we called the family of the individual whose identity card and bag we had discovered, his father refused to accept that the deceased was his son.According to the officer, a dedicated police force was sent to contact HR managers in the industrial district, and it was finally discovered that Zubair and Sudhakar were both missing.The body of Sudhakars was discovered by his brother, who was notified of the crime.

The trial started off with a chargesheet, and the accused is now being tried as an undertrial.