Australia is expanded into a six-episode directors cut by Baz Luhrmann. Remote Downs

The six-episode Directors Cut will be released this winter . The six-episode Directors Cut will be released this winter .

Washington, United States, June 29: The 2008 epic love letter to his native country was a box office flop when it first opened up on Disney+ and Star+ in International markets, with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman appearing as a six-part limited series titled Faraway Downs.But its reputation has increased over the years, thanks to frequent screenings on cable, streaming, and the like, and it seems that the director was never done tinkering with a film that was a whole lot better than people gave it credit for at the time, as per Variety.The six-episode Directors Cut will be released this winter and will include footage shot for the film as well as an expanded and serialized version of the story.Luhrmann and his crew also promise a new ending and a new soundtrack.I initially set out to transform the idea of the classic Gone With the Wind epic into a drama.

It includes alternative plot twists that have been uncovered in an episodic format.Faraway Downs is one of the world's greatest auteur storytellers, so revisiting his extraordinary film Australia in this new, unique format has been a revelatory and unique experience.For those that may have missed the feature film, the story revolves around Lady Sarah Ashley (Kidman), an English aristocrat who inherits Faraway Downs, a large cattle ranch in Australia, after the death of her husband.When Australian cattle barons threaten to take over her property, she reluctantly partners up with a rough-hewn cattle drover (Hugh Jackman) to safeguard her property.Nullah (Brandon Walters) is a bi-racial Indigenous Australian boy who had been embroiled in the government's cruel racial regime known as the Stolen Generations.

According to Variety, the 20th Century Television studio is behind the film.Faraway Downs is a new interpretation of Australia that viewers will enjoy, according to Luhrmann.