Axis Bank creates a plan for business growth in Uttar Pradesh

Axis Bank CEO Ravi Narayanan said they intend to expand their presence in Uttar Pradesh . The bank has 352 branches and 1,339 ATMs .

Lucknow, November 9, 2018, Axis Bank CEO Ravi Narayanan, a group executive who oversees the bank's retail liabilities, branch banking, and products, reported on Friday that they intend to expand their presence in Uttar Pradesh.The bank's chief financial officer, Agra Nagar Nigam, Aligarh Nagar Nigam, and the Prayagraj smart city initiative are among the government departments that work closely with farmers.In parallel, the Axis Bank has a single nodal account with 352 branches and 1,339 ATMs.The forest department, UP sahkari sangh, and the University of Pududu are all affiliated with the department.

The bank employs 9,000 people.According to the banks executives, the CASA ratio of Axis Bank is close to 56 percent, while the credit deposit ratio is at 70 percent.On the occasion, Lucknow's city chief, Madhudeep Rai, and Rama Velagapudi, the regional bank branching head, attended.