Azam Khan asserts that police terrorised voters at the Uttar Pradesh byelections

Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan said police officers terrorized and humiliated voters . Poor voter turnout attributed to Khans wife, who aided her with the police and the administration .

RAMPUR (USA) – On the eve of the Lok Sabha byelections in Azamgarh and Rampur, Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan said on Thursday that Uttar Pradesh police wreaked havoc.On Thursday, he said stick-wielding police officers terrorized and humiliated voters and prevented them from entering polling booths.The poor voter turnout in Rampur and Azamgarh was attributed to Khan's wife, who had aided her with the police and the administration.The voter turnout for the Rampur Lok Sabha constituency was 41 percent.

We have to bear the consequences as a result of their freedom to do whatever they please with the city and its people.I must live, Khan said, if I want to remain.Overnight, police wreaked havoc on the street.In Rampur, Jeeps and sirens were everywhere, they escorted people to police stations and beat them up.

Abdullah Azam, Azams son, expressed his displeasure with the electoral process in a series of tweets.Such elections are useless.The Batons are weighing heavily on democracy.My country is changing.

Ajay Kumar Shukla, the Rampur superintendent of police, denied the charges.We have taken note of his allegations (Azam Khan).Every polling station is being monitored by I and district magistrate Ravendra Kumar Mander.Police never interrogated a woman or any other voter in the entire electoral tract.

The charges that police were terrorizing people are false.For the Rampur Lok Sabha bypoll, the BJP has selected Ghanshyam Singh Lodhi, a newcomer to the party, while the SP has selected Asim Raja, who was handpicked by Azam.The British Socialist Party (BSP) and the Congress are not contesting from Rampur.Muhammad Azam Khans top order is strong, and his Vidhansabha constituency Rampur sadar received the lowest number of votes in the by-election.