Babu mansion is unpopular; pollution and vastu are to blame.

Bungalow No. 2 in S R Nagar, once much sought-after by senior officials, is struggling to find buyers .

HYDERABAD: The sprawling Bungalow No.2 in S R Nagar, once much sought-after by senior officials of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, is now struggling to find buyers.This property has been vacant for almost two years now, with no IASIPS officer expressing an interest to move in.Officials attribute the rising noise pollution around the bungalow that sits close to the metro station, and the area has been densely populated with educational institutions, hostels, and other businesses, while others emphasize the possibility of vastu damage.

When I visited the site recently, it was evident that the lavish property was now covered in thick, unkempt grass.The rusted doors and shabby exterior walls made it seem to be extremely impractical for use.People living in the neighborhood reported that the building has been turned into a hideaway for nefarious activities, particularly at night.The R&B staff that performed civil engineering at this house, according to the officials who requisitioned the property, say they have nothing to do with it now.

When someone comes to live there, it will be cleaned and repainted, he said.And the Estates Office in Hyderabad, which looks after the allotment of housing, has remained tight-lipped about why no one was interested in Bungalow No.2.Although the pollution levels in the area are quite high, some people claim that the house's vastu is not bad.

They are a hazard both during the day and night.According to security forces patrolling other areas in the neighborhood, at least one security officer should be deployed here to ensure that the bungalow premises are not misused.