Back to haunt commuters: traffic chaos around schools

Traffic jams in front of schools causing a lot of disruption for motorists and pedestrians . Parents, school vans, and autorickshaws are arriving to pick up and drop children .

Bhubaneswar: As parents arrive to pick up and drop children, commuters are facing a harrowing time due to congestion on highways and lanes outside the city's schools.Traffic jams in front of schools are causing a lot of disruption not only for motorists and pedestrians, but also for school children and teachers, according to the group.To avoid causing such a long line of traffic jams, people have urged the presence of traffic police officers in front of schools before and after classes.According to Harshit Panda, a marketing executive, it takes less than 30 minutes to reach a 500-meter stretch on the Ram Mandir side road.

I was stuck in a traffic jam and was late for my exam, and it was a helpless day.On Nandankanan Road in front of Janata Maidan, there was a long line of vehicles, and no traffic was moving at all.According to her, traffic police must take this situation seriously.In addition, traffic congestion is getting worse with parents', school vans, and autorickshaws arriving to pick up and drop children on both sides of the road.

According to Rahul Swain, a Class VIII student at St Xavier International School in Patia, there is always a crowd at the school gate and cars all around.According to parents, the majority of schools don't have adequate school buses to pick up and drop children.Private vans carrying children to school are overcrowded, and autorickshaws are dangerous.We are also forced to use our cars to pick and drop children in classes in scorching heat or on rainy days.

Police said earlier that they would assign one or two people to major traffic jams and that schools remained closed for the past two years due to Covid.However, the school busting problem has returned after the reopening of schools.We had asked private schools to make sure there was no traffic jam during school hours.Swastik Panda, ACP (traffic), Bhubaneswar, said: We will discuss the matter with schools and come up with a solution.