Balochistan is still suffering from flooding and heavy rain, and six more people have died.

Six more people have been killed in Balochistan due to heavy rainfall and floods . The Provincial Disaster Management Authority reported that 176 people had died .

Quetta, Pakistan, August 6: On Saturday, six people were killed in Balochistan due to heavy rainfall and floods, raising the total number of people killed to 176, according to local media, citing the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA).According to data shared by the PDMA, six more people, including five men and one woman, died as a result of floods in various Balochistan areas, according to ARY News.During the province's heavy rains and floods, the PDMA reported that 176 people had died.The total number of victims was 77 men, 44 women, and 55 children, according to the PDMA.

Hundreds of mud houses collapsed as heavy rains and thunderstorms hit Quetta, killing many trees and electricity poles, according to ARY News.According to the Disaster Management Authority, the province's floods destroyed or demolished 18,087 homes.Due to the monsoon rains, tube wells, solar panels, and other means of communication are being severely damaged, according to the PDMA.A total of 23,013 cattle died as a result of the disaster, while 1,98,461 acres of crops were destroyed as a result of the natural disaster, according to the Pakistan MET department.

Since mid-June, Afghanistan has seen more than 600 percent above normal rainfall, while Sindh received 50 percent more rain.The Senator warned that the consequences of climate change are already being felt in Pakistan in the coming months, with rural areas in the province of Balochistan being the most affected, according to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), which included 133 percent more rain than the 30-year average.According to The Express Tribune, Balochistan had 305 percent more rain than the national average.