Beach cleaning agreement extended

Tourism department to extend contract with beach cleaning company by three months . Government needs time to find a new agency through tendering .

Panaji: The state tourism department has decided to extend the contract with the beach cleaning company, Karnataka Commercial and Industrial Corporation, by three months.The extension is being granted, according to tourism minister Rohan Khaunte, because the government needs time to find a new agency through tendering.The agency was formed in November 2019 and has already made his proposal public, which includes extensive beach cleaning along the Goas coast, which will make the beaches safe and secure for visitors.From morning to sunset, the beach is cleaned.

The tourism department currently invests about Rs 7.5 crore on beach cleaning, according to Khaunte, and is also investigating whether garbage can be collected at night, until around 9 p.m., to keep the beaches healthy.I have asked the department to work on a different strategy so that the work begins at 6 a.m. and runs until 9 p.m., he said.