Before the election, Xis detractors begin their campaign against the Chinese leader.

Campaign launched ahead of the election, Xi hopes to extend his presidency beyond 2023 . Organizers say Xi is at his lowest point: he hasnt grasped absolute power and is under attack .

Beijing, June 23: On the eve of the 20th Communist Party Congress, the opponents of President Xi Jinping unveiled a campaign titled Jade Campaign.Overthrow Xi Save China Campaign, which was launched ahead of the election, Xi hopes to extend his presidency beyond 2023.Non-mainstream Chinese news sites and some Twitter accounts, including Cai Xia, also shared the campaign text.According to the campaign paper, Xis's pandemic prevention has done immense harm to the entire region, destroying the economy and triggering numerous humanitarian crises and unprecedented outrage.According to the organization, Xi is now at his lowest point: he hasn't grasped absolute power and is under attack.In China, public dissatisfaction is raging; people are desperate for reform; everyone is disgusted with Xi, and the international community is vehemently anti-Xi.

Someone shouted, Down with Ceausescu!During a National Assembly meeting on that day, someone suddenly screamed, Rass!Thousands of people started to shout, and the revolt was quickly over.It encourages Chinese citizens to participate in the campaign by doing the following: 1.

Take photos of jade jewellery items in short videos; and then post them on social media.Create and share original graphicsanimationvideos about Xis crimes against humanity; 2.Identify and share original graphicsanimationvideos; Flyers should be posted and passed around (Before you go to China, please be careful).4.

Discourage law enforcement and military forces from being complicit in the devil's scheme.para Invite friends to join the #DownXi campaign #JadeCampaign.People were also encouraged to track down the Xi family and their minions for evidence of fraud and money laundering.To work together, collaborate with people from all walks of life.Come together to oppose the government as soon as possible, since it takes place right before Beidiahe.

On Xi's 25th birthday of the HK handover, non-mainstream media believe that Xi will not attend the ceremony due to three reasons: 1.He is thought to be suffering from a Cerebral Aneurysm due to the illness.para Because Hong Kong has a large number of Covid cases.para Because the power fight is in the air right now, he wouldnt want to leave the country at this critical moment.

Xi might want to attend this function because failing to attend would give his opponents an unfair signal and fuel more speculation.