Before the Maha Kumbh in 2025, a Digital Kumbh Sangrahalaya will be built in Arail.

Arail district has been looking for suitable grounds for the festival . The district administration has asked for 15 to 20 acres of land near Triveni Pushp to be identified .

Prayagraj: Sangam City will host Maha Kumbh in 2025 on the banks of the river Ganga, and the district administration has set the stage to rejuvenate the religious-mythological places in the district before the event, according to the scheme.Outside of restoring and restoring the old structures, a digital Kumbh Sangrahalaya (museum) will be constructed at Arail.We're looking for suitable grounds, and once it is discovered, construction will begin quickly, according to divisional commissioner Sanjay Goyal.Before Kumbh 2019, a plan to develop Digital Kumbh Sangrahalaya was submitted, but it was never completed, and the tourism department had also started work, but it was cancelled, and there is still time to create the museum by 2025.

According to Arvind Kumar Chauhan, CEO of Prayagraj Mela Authority and vice chairman of Prayagraj Municipal Corporation (PDA), the visitors will learn about sages, seers, and Kumbh's traditions.Once the property has been identified and acquired, the museum will be ready in 15 to 20 months.The Digital Kumbh Museum will also have a light and sound show as part of the scheme, as well as cultural activities.