Bengaluru police have detained a delivery guy for killing a security guard.

Kumar Naik, 46, was a private company security guard stationed at a gated community . He was attacked by Karthik BG of Sahakaranagar, 25, who allegedly kicked and punched Naik .

BENGALURU — A 25-year-old food delivery executive has been charged with killing a 46-year-old security guard outside an apartment complex near the Kodigehalli gate on Ballari Road.Kumar Naik, a resident of Yelahanka and from Sira in Tumakuru district, was identified by police.Karthik BG of Sahakaranagar is accused.On June 12, Karthik reportedly beat Naik up, and the latter died of wounds at Victoria Hospital on Tuesday.

Naik was a private company security guard who was stationed at a gated community.Around 3.30 p.m., Karthik spotted the location of a food order and parked his bike in front of the gate, in a hurry to finish the delivery.Naik asked Karthik not to do so, but he refused, claiming that he would return in five minutes.Naik attempted to turn the bike, but it lost balance and collided with the two-wheeler.

Naik was admitted to a nearby hospital where he was being cared for a week.After a brain injury, he was transferred to Victoria Hospital and died on Tuesday night.