Bengaluru's Lakes: A constant flow of sewage into Haralur Lake kills aquatic life and puts the waterbody at risk.

Dead fish were discovered floating on the surface of the waterbody last week . The Haralur Lakes are being deteriorating every day due to the introduction of sewage .

The Haralur Lakes are being deteriorating every day due to the introduction of sewage, which is located in Bengalurus Bellandur.Dead fish were discovered floating on the surface of the waterbody last week, according to Ravi, superintendent engineer, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), because the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) is yet to lay the sanitary pipelines, and this is the reason why sewage flows into the network of storm water drains, according to a local resident.It is surrounded by a dense green canopy, which contributes to the local fauna.The three storm water drains (inlets) serve as the lake's main source of water.

This has had a negative effect on the aquatic life in the lake.A separate sewage system should be developed so that the storm water drains do not flow polluted water to the lake, according to the architect.Every government agency, including BWSSB (Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board) and BBMPs Lake division, must work in synergy.At each inlet point around the lake, lake conservationist Raghavendra B Pachhapur said that 76 species of birds have been seen since 2018 around the Haralur Lake.

The board's team inspected the lake and is waiting for a report.The death of fish indicates that the lake's water quality is not conducive.I was surprised to see a dead Little Grebe floating around.One of the inlets began to discharge sewage into the lake directly, resulting in the formation of algal blooms in the lake, due to a blockage in the diversion channel.

The present water quality may contain higher amounts of nutrients, but it would not encourage any aquatic life to thrive.It is more or less a dead lake.The diversion channel was completed nearly a decade ago.Concrete chambers have been weakened and are not ready to continue unless it is immediately fixed.

He said that the Lakes department should take cognition of it and act before any danger is caused, and that one of the inlets located to the left of the lake's entrance gate is directly connected to the local drains, and that it will quickly transport rain water to the lake.There is no way to prevent sewage from draining into the lake, and this must be stopped immediately.The Monsoon is approaching, and it should be done at the very least.The KSPCB should go beyond examining lake samples and naming them as A,B,C,D categories.

The water quality has been impaired because of the introduction of sewage into the lake, which is accompanied by solid waste like plastic.The lake has an overhead tank and a pipeline that is supposed to be used in the summer to water the plants.This is non-functional.According to BNP core team member and Bellandur ward member Vishnu Reddy, Bengaluru lakes are in dire need of attention.

It's surprising to note that 90% of the city's lakes are on the verge of disappearing.We had made calls via BBMPs' Sahaya app, but there has been no response from the department.The Haralur lake in the KSPCB is in the Class D group, which allows for the propagation of animals and fisheries if the BBMP does not look into it immediately.