Best Maang tikka designs for brides, from Katrina Kaif's diamond maang tikka to Alia Bhatt's matha patti

The maang tikka is a traditional piece of Indian jewellery that is regarded as a must-have by brides-to-be . The maang tikka has evolved from a basic component of solah shringar (bridal adornments) to a dramatic global fashion statement .

To stand out from the crowd at an Indian wedding, you must have a splendidly designed outfit and spectacular jewellery.Isn't that also correct?So, to stay up to date with all the wedding nonsense, let us start with the most important piece of jewellery in your wardrobe, the maang tikka.This traditional piece of Indian jewellery is regarded as a must-have by brides-to-be on their wedding day due to its deep cultural significance.

The maang tikka has evolved from a basic component of solah shringar (bridal adornments) to a dramatic global fashion statement.It can be paired with a variety of center-parted hairstyles and fancy bridal buns.For every bride, from the most elaborate to the most simple, there is a maang tikka.Rohan Sharma, the Managing Director of RK Jewellers South Ex-2, discusses some of the latest tikka styles for brides-to-be.

Despite the use of traditional materials in a traditional style, this maang tikka style has gone one step further.This maang tikka style is perfect for any occasion.The large Maang Tikka Is For a unique piece to wear on your big day, this maang tikka is for you.With this bold piece, you will be the center of attention on your big day.

View this entry on Instagram.Sabyasachi Jewellery (@sabyasachijewellery) This embroidered polka maang tikka Polki, which dates from the Mughal dynasty, is truly one of a kind and is still considered to be a cherished piece of jewellery in Indian womens jewellery collections today.For a reception, a polki maang tikka encrusted with uncut diamonds is an excellent option.Maang Tikka is a Floral Maang It is a tradition that maang tikkas can only be worn as a heavy necklace.

These adorable maang tikka designs are becoming a thing of the past, made up of delicate strings of fresh flowers strung together.These delicate ornaments add a delicate air of freshness to the morning's simplicity, while also being excellent photography props.View this post on Instagram.Alia Bhatt (@aliaabhatt) posted this image, which is a maang tikka with many layers.

Hence, it's a good idea to go there.This maang tikka style is even more striking when adding emeralds, pearls, and Kundan work to her bright red bridal attire.If you're looking for something a little different from the standard maang tikka, this is the accessory for you.