Bhopal: A man accused of molesting his relatives hangs himself in jail.

Man, 28, hanged himself in Kamla Nagar police station in Bhopal . Suspect had been arrested for allegedly assaulting his sister-in-law .

BHOPAL: In the early hours of Saturday, a 28-year-old man was arrested by Bhopal police for reportedly assaulting his sister-in-law and hanging himself in the Kamla Nagar police station lockout.A judicial investigation has been suggested by a police commissioner.Five policemen have been removed from active duty and anchored to the lines in Kamla Nagar, including SHO Shahbaaz Khan, night duty officer SI Laxman Rai, ASI Chandrhaas Choubey, head constable Jagdish Yadav, and investigating officer in the molestation case ASI Anil Shrivastava.According to ACP Umesh Tiwari, the detainee had walked out of jail just one and a half months ago and worked as a daily bet.

According to police, he demanded that his 31-year-old widowed Bhabhi marry him immediately, but she refused.According to ACP Tiwari, he was arrested and released a month after his elder brothers' death and released him in an extortion and assault lawsuit.His sister-in-law offered him bail, but he was still begging her to marry him as soon as he got out.She vehemently declined.

When she refused, she called police on Friday afternoon to say he had threatened to sexually assault her and beat her.Around 5 p.m. on Friday, police notified a felony for molestation and assault and arrested him.He was officially detained at 8 p.m. and incarcerated.He ate his dinner in the prison and was given a blanket to sleep.

As soon as he saw him hanging, the head constable alerted his troops, but he was already dead.According to additional DCP Shrutkirti Somvanshi, the police commissioner suggested a judicial probe since it was a custody death case.Ravi Bourasi, a first-class Judicial magistrate, stepped into the investigation at Kamla Nagar police station.The detainees' autopsy was conducted under his direction.

ASI Anil Kumar Shrivastava, the one who detained the suspect, has been line attached because he did not frisk him properly before moving him to prison.Umesh Tiwari of ACP (TT Nagar) will conduct the preliminary inquiry, which will present the report to the DCP zone-1.