Bihar Police Make Agnipath Protest Connection Following Top Maoist Arrest

Police say Maoist leaders were involved in bloodshed during protests against Agnipath scheme . Police say it is a significant breakthrough in the investigation .

Patna (Patna): The police said today that Maoist leaders were involved in the bloodshed during the Bihar protests against the Agnipath scheme, calling it a significant breakthrough in the investigation.According to senior cop Pankaj Kumar, the maoist side came to light after the detention of a top leader on Friday.According to police officials, the group orchestrated the burning of a train in Lakhisarai during the June demonstrations.Manashyam Das, the maoist leader, was arrested from Lakhisarai city after the police intelligence unit notified him.According to a police official, Manashyam Das was carrying out the Naxal activities for years by staying in Lakhisarai city, in direct contact with the top leaders of Naxalite organizations in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Bengal, and Telangana.

According to police officials, the revelation that a professor at a Bhagalpur university is close to Naxals has also led to concerns about the police's information system.As protesters demanded that the scheme be rolled back, railway buildings were robbed, torched, or assaulted.Protesters raged for days, demanding that the scheme be scrapped.