Bihar: Three people pass away in Vaishali district after imbibing booze

Three people died in Vaishali district on Saturday after allegedly consuming spurious liquor . Four others were reportedly being treated at different private hospitals .

PATNA: Since allegedly consuming spurious liquor in Vaishali district on Saturday, at least three people died and four others were reportedly being treated.This week, 12 hooch deaths occurred in Saran district.The locals told police of the unsolved death of two members of a family.According to reports, they were drinking alcohol at a party on Friday evening, which caused their health conditions to worsen and they died on their way to the hospital.

We don't rule out hooch.The bodies have been sent for autopsy, and after receiving their reports, we will only be able to tell anything.Mahua and his relative from Muravatpur died when one individual was found dead in Mahua.They died after returning home after attending a chhathi in Nayaganj village, near Desiri police station.

We also received reports that certain people were being treated at different private hospitals, he said.Their family members are being investigated by the police.Vikas Chaudhary of Bhadwas, a police station in Mahua, died about 1 a.m. on Saturday, while his brother, Sunil Chaudhary of Muravatpur, died about 2.30 a.m. Shambhu Chaudhary, Vikass brother, was undergoing surgery.Naveen Kumar of Bidupur, near the Rajapakad police station area, was identified as the third suspect.

After receiving the autopsy reports, Mahua circle officer Amar Kumar Sinha said further steps would be taken only after receiving them.Police were told that Naveen had consumed hooch by Rajapakad SHO Ravikant Pathak, who said they were aware.In the area, we are interrogating people and conducting raids.According to Naveen, it is believed that he died as a result of drinking spurious liquor.