Biplab Kumar Deb's tale is one of fast rise and terrible fall.

Biplab Deb was a certified Sangh scholar and a certified Sangh scholar . He was close to three of the states top leaders in party circles, Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh .

At the same time as his rise to become Tripura's Chief Minister at the age of 48, the emperor came to be.Deb's family goes back a long time in the Sangh Parivar, with his father, Hirudhan Deb, being a Jan Sangh organiser, taking everyone by surprise.When Biplab Deb was born, a family of modest means settled in Jamjuri, a small village 60 kilometers south of Tripura.Deb, a father of two and married to an SBI officer, was a certified Sangh scholar, using a mixture of Hindi, Bengali, and English by the time he returned to Tripura in 2015.

Deb was close to three of the state's top leaders in party circles, Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh.He had impressed the governors in a year or so by his ferocious struggle against the state's indomitable and long-ruling Communist parties, allowing him to be elected the state BJP president in January 2016.Deb joined a consortium of former Congress leaders, irritated Communist leaders, and potential newbies in the BJP state committee, then in charge of the longest-serving Tripura chief.Deb Bray, the chief of the Central BJP and the party's Northeast face, offered his time to join the Indigenous Peoples Front of Tripura, which was voted out after 25 years, but it was too difficult for her.

Sudip Roy Barman, Ratan Lal Nath, Pranajit Singha Roy, and Manoj Kanti Deb are only three people with some legislative experience to claim power.Biplab Deb made more news for a short period after taking over, when he made surprise visits to far-flung places and suspended officers on the spot due to negligence allegations.Sanjay told a tale about how he narrated the Mahabharata war to blind king Dhritarashtra with the help of Internet technology in October 2020.Roy Barman, a BJP generalist who rebelled within a few months of joining the BJP government, led a group of MLAs to Delhi to demand Deb's abduction, branding him dictatorical, inexperienced, and unpopular.

However, Roy Barman and Ashish Kumar Saha left the BJP in December 2020, marking a momentous departure for the BJP's disciplined ranks, Deb held a public meeting to seek people's advice on whether or not he should stay in office in the face of factionalism.According to reports, BJP national president J P Nadda called the CM to cancel the strategy immediately.Deb was told by the central leadership that it would handle organizational issues and that the CM should concentrate on governance issues.What he learned about Deb's struggles was his admiration for the top brass, with a particular admiration for Prime Minister Modis' handpicked CM.Deb's party leaders would often boast of him learning from his mistakes and becoming more disciplined in his public statements.

Deb also worked to streamline political operations, curb illicit land grabbing, and transport syndicate hooliganism as CM, as well as bolstered Internet-based services in various areas of government, according to the CMO.Deb was not content to let go of Opposition criticism of the state's lack of law and order, particularly on the issue of assaults on opponents last year, which saw a rise in entrepreneurship, per capita incomes increased, violent crimes like murders, rapes, and kidnappings decreased by 30%, and the conviction rate increased by tenfold.And as the BJP accused the Trinamool Congress government in West Bengal of harassing its workers, the Trinamool Congress government in Tripura charged its own regime with the same offense.At least 24 of its supporters have been killed since the BJP took power; the Congress has estimated that nearly 40 people have been killed by political and other crimes under Deb's leadership, and that no one has been arrested in any case registered with police.