BJP buying legislators and destroying democracy: CM

Mamata Banerjee accuses BJP-led central government of bulldozing democracy . She says they are buying MLAs and sending them to Assam instead of supporting their residents .

Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee, the BJP-led central government in Bengal, accused her on Thursday of bulldozing democracy, buying MLAs and engaging in hawala politics to destabilize elected state governments.She said she did not blame the state government in Assam.They (the Assam administration) are facing a large flood.But this central government is hurting the Assam people instead of supporting their residents.

Instead of Assam, they can send these MLAs to Bengal.After toppling the Uddhav Thackeray government, she said, we will give them generous hospitality and, don't worry, we will take care of democracy as well.She continued, The BJP was giving unfettered funds, arguing: If this is not hawala, what is it?The Bengal CM questioned the use of central entities in destabilizing governments.

Even though I am not convicted (in FIRs), over 200 people in my party have been given notices (for questioning).She said that BJP-governed states are like heaven for them (the central government), where nothing is wrong, and that she cautioned that money, the ED, and the CBI should not be used to harm groups.She cautioned the BJP that your party can be broken in this way one day.Banerjee said that the BJP was using money, muscle, and mafia power to destabilize elected state governments, asking: What is their plan, to pursue a presidential model of government?