Black-bellied tern observed near Sukhi dam in Chhota Udepur in a rare sighting

Ornithologist spotted rare species of endangered species in Gujarat . Black-bellied tern is found in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Burma .

Vadodara: They were out for a walk near Sukhi Dam in Chhota Udepur recently when their attention fell on a species that is not commonly seen in the area.It turned out to be a black-bellied tern when they took a closer look.This was a rare sighting of the species, which is rare in the state.I spotted it in the forest near the dam.When I first saw the image, I realized it was a black-bellied tern.

We also alerted the forest department about the encounter, said Devvratsinh Mori, an ornithologist at Ahmedabad University.Bhavanisinh Mori and Kartik Upadhyay led him to the black-bellied tern, a species of endangered species in the Laridae family.This bird has been seen only a few times in Bharuch, Gandhinagar, Porbandar, and Jamnagar in the past.This tern is most common in Gujarat between October and April, according to Mori.

We don't have much information on this species, particularly its localization, status, and breeding ecology, since it has not been seen much.Due to the current breeding season, this black-bellied tern needs to be explored in detail.This tern is found in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Burma.The black-bellied tern has been listed as an endangered species by the International Union for Nature Conservation (IUCN).

It nests on a flat sandy bank of a canal or lake.