Bluehost starts a search for the Top 20 WordPress Creators worldwide.

Bluehost announced the 2022 Bluehost Creators Awards competition on June 24 . The competition is open to website owners, bloggers, self-creators, and students .

Bluehost, a trusted web hosting provider specializing in WordPress, announced the 2022 Bluehost Creators Awards competition on June 24.The competition is open to entries from website owners, bloggers, self-creators, and students, to creative professionals such as web developers, web designers, and digital marketing agencies serving businesses.20 applicants will make the defining list of the best WordPress designers, broken into two groups: Creative Web Professionals (web designersdevelopers) and Self Creators (small business owners, bloggers, and students).The submissions will be judged by a jury of industry leading design and development experts.All submissions will be judged and rewarded based on innovation, originality, and user experience.

The entry period begins today and ends on August 16, 2022, with the final winners announced in November 2022.Winners will be awarded $2,000 in cash, a one-year Shared Basic Hosting Package, and media coverage and publicity this year.Powered by amazing and creative WordPress developers and professionals, this year is also seeing growth.The Bluehost Creators Awards are now in their second year of honoring outstanding WordPress creators who are breaking ground with creativity, creativity, and future-proof endeavors, said Paula Drum, Chief Marketing Officer of Newfold Digital, the Bluehost parent company.

Bluehost has been trusted by millions of users worldwide for its simplicity in developing, deploying, and managing successful WordPress websites since its inception in 2003.Bluehost has provided a suite of WordPress solutions that combine the best combination of guidance, tools, and expertise to create a professional website.Bluehost is a trademark of the Newfold Digital group of companies.For more information about Bluehost, visit