Body discovered floating in river in Ahmedabad

Police in Sabarmati riverfront discovered a badly decomposed body . Police believe the man died about a fortnight before .

AHMEDABAD (West) Police in the Sabarmati riverfront discovered a badly decomposed body near Sardar Bridge in Paldi on Thursday evening.According to the police, the deceased was a man and had died about a fortnight before, according to the cops.This comes as Adalaj police are looking at a double murder case in which the burned remains of a man and a woman were discovered near Narmada canal on June 8.In that case, police are unable to locate the suspects and are attempting to locate them with earrings, a chain, and a leg.

There has been no other hint.The body was seen floating in the river, according to a police officer stationed on the riverfront.The body may have been stuck in a storm drain two weeks earlier and was released into the water as it decomposed.He may have been killed or committed suicide.

The body was taken to the Civil Hospital, where a team of doctors and forensic experts would perform the postmortem on Friday.The officer said that CCTV footage would be used to figure out how the man died and who he was.We're clueless right now.We will post pictures of the man's clothing in the hopes of identifying him.

Police in Sabarmati, west, found a suspicious death and began an investigation.