Booster drive increased, and optimism reached a four-month high.

Chhattisgarh's Covid positivity rate is 2.23 percent, the state's highest since April . The state chief secretary has asked officials to increase the vaccinations administration in booster doses .

Raipur: As the Covid positivity rate in Chhattisgarh has hit its lowest point in the last four months, at 2.23 percent, the state chief secretary has warned the health department to increase the vaccination's administration in booster doses and be on alert.After a four-month break, Chief Secretary Amitabh Jain has asked officials to prepare and intensify implementation of Covid protocols and guidelines among citizens.The worries came the day after the state reported over a hundred positive cases on Wednesday.According to a statement published by the Chhattisgarh government on Thursday, the state has 131 recent Covid cases, with a total of 585 positive cases.

In addition, he had encouraged the people to follow Covid preventive practices.According to reports, the timing of administering booster doses has been slowing since only two vaccination centers were opened.It is expected that through the arrangement, people will be able to obtain booster doses.Citizens should resume using masks and sanitizer, according to officials from the health department, and ensure physical separation.

Raipur reported the highest number of new Covid patients on Wednesday, followed by Durg, who reported 21 cases, and Koriya with 11 cases.