Bridge connecting 2,000 families still needs repair after 8 months.

Over 50,000 people used the bridge between Shiv Nagar and Ravindra Nagar . It collapsed on October 21 last year after heavy rainfall that caused a flood-like situation in Terai .

Rudrapur, India — Locals said that eight months after a concrete bridge over the Kalyani river near Rudrapur collapsed, repairs are yet to begin.Over 2,000 families and over 50,000 commuters a day were served by the bridge between Shiv Nagar and Ravindra Nagar, the district headquarters of US Nagar district headquarters, Rudrapur.Following heavy rainfall that caused a flood-like situation in Terai, it collapsed on October 21 last year.Locals built a small bridge made of bamboo and wood here and now commute routinely, risking their lives.

Locals said it would be risky for children to use the built-in bridge as schools open soon.Notably, several politicians had promised the locals that the bridge will be completed within six months before the rains.But, with classes beginning soon, worried locals are taking to the streets.People marched on Thursday against the local MLA and the Rudrapur Municipal Corporation (RMC), but were dissatisfied with the rest of the day.

It connected directly with various areas of the city, drastically shortening the distance.With the monsoon approaching, the river Kalyani would be jammed with water, making it even more difficult to cross.We want the bridge to be completed soon, said Meena Sharma, ex RMC chairman.Authorities said earlier that work would not begin because the state was subjected to the model code of conduct because of assembly polling.

The Kalyani river has been turned into a sewer with tonnes of garbage that has yet to be washed by the RMC, Mondol claims.The local MLA had promised immediate repairs to the bridge during the polling process, but Tarak Goldar, a local, said it was all a farce.Shiv Arora, a Rudrapur MLA, has confirmed that a proposal report for the bridge reconstruction has been submitted to the state government and that work will begin immediately.Shiv Nagar, Ravindra Nagar, Pantnagar Industrial Area, Kalyani View Colony, Awas Vikas, and Civil Lines are connected by a bridge.