Bulldozing its way toward AIADMK's lone leadership is Team EPS.

AIADMK general council meeting held without wee-hour ruling order or standoff . Meeting took up 23 non-contentious bills but did not take up any of them .

Chennai: The Edappadi K Palaniswami brigade could not prevent the O Panneerselvam faction from bulldozing its way up to its single-leadership agenda at the AIADMK general council meeting on Thursday, without a wee-hour ruling order or a standoff.While the Madras high court barred EPS supporters from passing any resolution to amend the party bylaws, EPS supporter C Ve Shanmugam read out a letter demanding single leadership signed by 2,190 members of the general council.On July 11, the newly elected presidium chairman, A Tamil Mahan Hussain, delivered an encouraging speech, causing a roaring reception from the audience.EPS supporters booed at OPS throughout the 45-minute session, and the former chief minister, as well as supporters including deputy coordinator Vathilingam, walked out in protest.

Although the meeting took up 23 non-contentious bills, it did not take up any of them.The OPS, who is also the treasurer, did not release the annual reports.Members said the party suffered setbacks, challenges, and organizational challenges as a result of the dual leadership; it also highlighted the party's inability to oppose the DMK and the government.It has angered and shocked the cadres, administrators, and the general public.

There is a need for a strong, brave, and clear single leader like that of Puratchi Thalaivar MGR and Puratchi Thalaivi Amma, said Shanmugam, who delivered the letter to Hussain on the dais in the presence of Panneerselvam and Palaniswami.In the meantime, high drama reigned in the room as C Ponnaiyan and Dindigul C Sreenivasan announced the Shanmugam took the microphone and screamed thrice.The members refused to accept any of the resolutions.K P Munusamy, the party's deputy coordinator, said that the only desire of the group was for a single head.

Palaniswami made the announcement of Hussain as chairman of the general council and executive committee, which was promoted by Dindigul C Sreenivasan and D Jayakumar.R Vaithilingam, an OPS spokesperson, told reporters later at his house that the opponents were power hungry.It was not held in a democratic way, he said.It was a half-hour drama that was uncontrolled and barbaric.

The election of the presidium chairman was invalid because it was not jointly announced by the coordinator and the joint coordinator.Only the dual leadership was given power to convene a general council meeting.Vaithilingam said the OPS was open to talks and that his recommendation was to have dual leadership to help the group return to power.