By Round 7, Nitin is in the lead.

Nitin Senthilvel leads the pack with 7 points after seven rounds in Chennai Open International Grandmaster tournament . Nitin had defeated Armenian GM Baghdasaryan Vahe in a 50-mov match in the previous round .

Chennai, India: In the 13th Chennai Open International Grandmaster tournament, international Master Nitin Senthilvel hasn't put a foot wrong.Nitin leads the pack with 7 points after seven rounds.On the top board, he beat B Vignesh by a hard-fought 99-move victory.Both players gave it their best, but Nitin rose to the occasion in the middle of the match to win the game.

Nitin was pushed into second place by Russian GM Savchenko Boris, the top seed, and IM LR Srihari, who had 6.0 points.In the real drama of the day, International Master Srijit Paul (Elo 2399) fell behind Daakshin Arun (Elo 1927).Srijit completely missed a sacrifice that culminated in a check-mate.