Can't bear beatings any longer: Indian in New York transmits father abuse video from husband and commits suicide

Mandeep Kaur, 32, sent her family a series of videos documenting the abuse she endured . She was tortured for not being able to produce a male child and for bringing insufficient dowry .

BIJNOR: A Bijnor-born woman who lives in New York since 2018 killed herself after showing her father in India a heart-wrenching video saying she couldn't stand the daily beatings (at the hands of her husband) anymore.Although the video was released on August 1, more details of the sordid case are just emerging.Mandeep Kaur, 32, also sent her family a series of videos over a period of time, which she later posted on CCTV, documenting the abuse she was able to endure.She was tortured for not being able to produce a male child and for bringing insufficient dowry, according to the mother of two girls.

In one of the last clips sent to her family in India, Kaur said, My husband assaults me constantly.He has interracial relations with several women, and I (my father) had lodged a police lawsuit against him in India, but he pleaded and asked me to save him, and I did.At first, I thought he'd repair his ways, but the crime rate continued to rise.I can no longer bear this.

Please excuse me, daddy.ColorsTV (@colorstv) The video provoked outrage in both the United States and India.The Kaur Movement, an organization that works with sexual and domestic violence victims, which is primarily targeting the Sikh community, has a large following.Soon, there were online marches calling for Justice for Mandeep, and the hashtag was trending on Twitter.

Singh started a transport company in Richmond after arriving there.Kaur was living there on a tourist visa; it is unknown what visa Singh was on.She committed suicide by hanging on August 1.After the shooting, the Kaurs family lodged an FIR in Bijnor.

The case was registered as a result of a complaint brought by the victims' father.Singh was arrested in New York in a separate lawsuit, and he has since been prosecuted there.Ranjodhbeer and his family members started demanding Rs 25 lakh in dowry soon after my daughters' wedding, according to Kaurs father's lawsuit.They began torturing my daughter when I could not fulfill their demands.