Chahat Khanna is criticised by Urfi Javed for making insensitive comments about her attire.

Urfi Javed, a bigg boss OTT star, chahatt Khanna, chahatt Khanna, slammed her for her fashion choices . Chahatt Khanna accused her of being a hypocrite and called her a hypocrite .

Mumbai (Maharashtra) India: Urfi Javed, a bigg boss OTT star, chahatt Khanna for making rude and cheap fashion remarks about her dressing sense on social media, and she reacted angrily.Chahatt Khanna's attire was mocked by her.Chahatt Khanna has sparked a lot of controversy on social media by criticizing Urfi Javed and her most recent outfit.Urfi was humiliated by Chahatt's clothing choices by posting a collage of photographs of her sporting a neon green dress on a recent outing.

Is it so easy to buy this cheap publicity and media for this cheap show you're promoting to our age?Anyone would pay for spotting, do anything, or even go nude and you will carry it.This is obnoxious sad!!Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

Also, if you do your research, I was there for an interview, I was dressed for an interview that is non of your business, you are just jealous that someone else does on this earth that isn't covering you.@chahattkhanna also, why didn't you post this story for Ranveer Singh?It's clear that this was an accident.See, I didnt judge you for your TWO divorces, dating away younger men, so why judge me, Urfi wrote.

I'm sorry for your daughter.What kind of mother do they have?She called it s*t. Uorfi also posted, At least I earn my own money by not living off my 2 ex husbands' alimony!@chahattkhanna I'm not coming to you to judge how you treat your day.

Right after this, Chahatt has released a retweet of her Instagram stories expressing her displeasure with Urfis' words.I don't want to be a part of this story, but it's important to let my followers know that people chat and few bark a lot, but people who know me know that I've worked hard to come here and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, not alimony, pls go through my papers first before speaking, I haven't paid a single penny ever, and I'm sure everyone else is aware of this.I'm not expecting much from classless people or paid media, but those with money will never do so.A baki jisko jo acha lagta hai likho.. mera kya (Write whatever you like.

she wrote.Urfi Javeds fashion buzz continues to rise as she raised her boldness a notch higher and left no stone unturned to amuse netizens.Chahatt is a TV actor who has appeared in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.