Chandigarh: The temperature is 43.6°C, the highest of the season. Today's record is likely to be broken.

The maximum temperature in the city of Chandigarh reached 43.6 degrees Celsius on Saturday . The maximum temperature is 43.6 degrees Celsius, the seasons highest .

CHANDIGARH (CHANDIGARH): The city's blistering heatwave drenched its grip, sending the maximum temperature soaring to 43.6 degrees Celsius on Saturday, the season's highest, and it's expected to get more intense for residents who are forced to crank up their air conditioners and stay out of the sun.Weathermen cautioned that the temperature could rise to 45 to 46 degrees Celsius on Sunday.According to Manmohan Singh, the temperature will climb to 45 degrees Celsius on Sunday.The wind pattern has changed due to western disturbance in the Himalayan region.

A little bit of warmth is expected, but there is no rain.On Sunday, the night temperature is also expected to rise.On Saturday, the minimum temperature was 26.4 degrees Celsius, down 2 degrees from Friday.On April 30, the temperature had risen to 42.2 degrees Celsius, while the nighttime temperature was 29.5 degrees Celsius on May 2nd and 3rd.