Check out what internet users are saying about the action-packed Atharvaas movie.

Atharvaa has starred in a new Tamil film, Trigger, which has received rave reviews . The actor has been in a cop drama with director Sam Anton .

Atharvaa, the charming hero of Tamil cinema, is a strong performer in different genres of films and is proving his versatility.Trigger, an Atharvaa movie, has hit the big screens today, and it was introduced to regular morning shows, and the film has received rave reviews on social media.Atharvaa has reunited with director Sam Anton for Trigger, following the success of the cop drama 100.In Sam Antons direction, he plays the role of a police officer, but this time it's a more action-packed role from the superfit actor.

Atharvaa has impressed the fans of the film by his chic role as a cop, and his challenging action sequences have stunned viewers, according to social media.Tanya Ravichandran, the female lead, also played a cute role to please the fans.To deliver a matured film than his previous film with the actor 100, director Sam Anton wows audiences with an interesting and entertaining screenplay full of twists and turns.Arun Pandian and Chinni Jayanth are two veteran actors who have excelled in their respective roles.

The film features a hazy scene and good crowding on the early shows of the day.The drama also conveys a political message, and it is projected to be a big hit at the box office.