Chess Olympiad: After a marathon, Carlsen defeats veteran from North Macedonia

Magnus Carlsen beats GM Zvonko Stanojoski of North Macedonia in Chess Olympiad . Norway's Carlsen wins 5-1.5 and moves from 56th to 39th spot in the rankings .

MAMALLAPURAM: To tango, two are required.Magnus Carlsen had two queens on the board after 55 moves, but he was still struggling for a victory.In the seventh round of the Chess Olympiad here on Friday, GM Zvonko Stanojoski of North Macedonia (Elo 2412) challenged the Norwegian to demonstrate his hegemony over the board.It would have been understandable if Stanojoski, 58 years old and at least 1700 in the United States, had escaped defeat from the black side of the Sarratt attack game between moves 35 and 50.

Norway, the No.3 seed after a rough first half of the 11-round tournament, won 2.Carlsen took the board with 5-1.5 and moved from 56th to 39th spot, giving his teammate Aryan Tari a pat on the back immediately after winning on the second board while his own game was still on.Due to the earlier slips, the Norwegians had to play outside the main playing hall on the 28th board.

Carlsen responded immediately and quickly, though.Stanojoski is an Olympiad veteran, having competed in eight of the nine Olympiads from 1994 to 2010.For the four previous Olympiads, I was not invited to the national team.After the game, he said, I don't know why.

But I joined the squad after they refused to participate.I'm not sure why.For the first time in his ninth Olympiad, he climbed to the top of the board, and his fate was encapsulated in meeting the best chess player ever.Stanojoski, who had left his electrical engineering career to concentrate on coaching, said: I'm feeling outraged with the loss.

The United States and Armenia share the spoils Despite Hrant Melkumyans' oversight of Wesely So., the United States could only draw against Armenia.With their only victory on the fourth board, Germany defeated Serbia.On the second board, Kazakhs defeated Spain.Azerbaijan defeated Israel 3-1 in a close game.

21 England in a No.36 seed.