China flash flood claims four lives

Four people killed and nine injured in mountain flood in China . China's extreme weather has become more widespread in the United States .

BEIJING (British Federation of Emergency Biological Products (BSB): On Saturday, four people were killed and nine others were injured, according to local officials.Water in a river near the border of Sichuan provinces Pengzhou city was clearly rising in footage seen by Chinese media.Many tourists who had been playing in the shallow water could be seen running for safety and clambering over rocks as the water rushed toward them, but some were unable to reach the river bank in time.According to a video posted online by the state-owned Beijing Youth Daily, at least one person, a woman stranded on a boulder in the middle of the river, appeared to lose her balance and was swept away by the current.

The flood occurs in China during a summer of extreme weather, with several cities, including Shanghai, experiencing their hottest days ever during a heatwave in July.Extreme weather has become more widespread in the United States, according to scientists, and will likely increase as global temperatures rise.According to state news agency Xinhua, China's national observatory has issued a red alert for high temperatures as the mercury is predicted to soar above 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) across swaths of the country this weekend.In June, severe flooding in southern China displaced more than half a million people and caused an estimated $250 million in economic damage.