Chinese Scientists Create Worlds First Cloned Arctic Wolf

Sinogene Biotechnology Co of Beijing, China, successfully cloned the arctic wolf . The company said the pup, named Maya, was born on June 10 and is in excellent health .

Scientists in China have successfully produced the world's first cloned arctic wolf.Sinogene Biotechnology Co of Beijing, China, was able to achieve the final product, which it said would aid in the preservation of endangered species.According to a story in the journal, the company unveiled the arctic wolf pup on Monday, 100 days after it was born.The wolf named Maya, who was born on June 10, is in excellent health, according to the news.

The arctic wolf was successfully cloned after two years of arduous efforts.It is the first such case in the United States, said Mi Jidong, the general manager of Sinogene Biotechnology Co, at a press conference in Beijing.According to the Scottish Wildlife Service, a 16-year-old Maya arctic wolf named Maya died in August last year.Sinogene Biotechnology transferred her cells to an egg from a female Beagle with genetic ancestry with arctic wolves.

One of them was born as a healthy wolf, according to Chinese chemist He Zhengming, who said that cloned animals can produce fertilised eggs.He said that cloning methods can replicate all of the genetic information for selective breeding.This is not the first time a Chinese company has cloned an animal.Using a similar method, it cloned a cat in 2019.Dolly the sheep was the first animal to be cloned in 1996.