Chopper crash in Raipur: Congress, BJP blame game

Two pilots died in a state-owned helicopter crash in Chhattisgarhs on Thursday . The death of two pilots in the state-owned helicopter crash has ignited a political feud .

After revelations that the helicopter was being plagued by technical difficulties for years, the death of two pilots in a state-owned helicopter crash in Chhattisgarhs on Thursday has ignited a political feud, with both the ruling Congress and opposition bringing charges against each other.On Friday, BJP chief of opposition Dharamlal Kaushik said that I need a high-level inquiry.Several other BJP leaders also raised concerns about the incident and the government's statement on the choppers' technical issue.The then BJP government bought the twin-engine, AW 109 Power Elite helicopter, which was used to ferry VIPs such as the CM, in 2007 and killed all four people on board, including two pilots, according to Congress spokesperson Sushil Anand Shukla, who said the BJP was deliberately trying to politicize the death of two pilots, as a The pilots were good at their jobs, and they themselves handled the chopper's maintenance.

According to him, the chopper had suffered technical difficulties after being bought from an unauthorised shell company in Hong Kong by the BJP for a raised price of Rs 65 lakh.