CM and party are supported by Marathwada Sena district leaders and office holders.

Eight of the 12 MLAs from Marathwada district have joined the Eknath Shinde camp . Five of Aurangabads six MLAs are included in this list .

On Thursday, Shiv Senas district presidents from Marathwada, as well as other office bearers, showed their support for the Thackeray family and the party.According to them, MLAs and ministers were elected on Shiv Sena and Thackerays' high reputation, and rebellion against either one or both will be unacceptable by traditional voters.Eight of the 12 MLAs from the Marathwada district have joined the Eknath Shinde camp.Five of Aurangabad's six MLAs are included in this list.

My service to my group and the party chief will last until my death.Numerous opposition workers have publicly expressed their displeasure with the rebel camp.Being a true Shiv Sainik, he would follow the party's instructions, he said.I am sure even the rebel MLAs are thinking about all the challenges that might be brought to them by the masses as well as the juniors, Danve said.

Shiv Sena isn't limited to 55 MLAs.There is a great deal of dissatisfaction with the rebels at the grassroots.According to him, the rebel group is being viewed as the one that is attempting to insult the Thackeray scion publicly and compel him to resign.Patil said that regardless of the outcome of the rebellion, rebel MLAs will be able to defend their constituents once they return home.

Even if the rebel group hijacks all the 55 MLAs, Nanded district president Dattarao Patil Kokate said, they will do nothing.Like me, the party leader Uddhav Thackeray is one of the office bearers in the hierarchy.Every true Shiv Sainik cried when the party chief left Varsha as the CM's official residence, according to him.According to him, the rebels would have to pay for every drop of blood.