CM MK Stalin: Establish a Chennai Supreme Court bench and permit Tamil in the High Court

Chief Minister M K Stalin reiterates demand for Supreme Court bench in Chennai . Stalin: We have always been extremely vigilant in terms of preserving human rights .

CHENNAI (Reuters) — Chief Minister M K Stalin reiterated on Saturday that he needed to establish a Supreme Court bench in Chennai and allow Tamil to be practiced in the Madras high court.I made these demands earlier at a conference where India's Chief Justice was present, Stalin said at the 25th anniversary celebrations of the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC).As a reminder to people and lawyers here, I make the same demands at this gathering, in which justices have been invited as guests.The CM said that all positions in the SHRC would be filled.

The SHRC was established in Tamil Nadu in 1997, though there had been questions about it since 1993.We have always been extremely vigilant in terms of preserving human rights.The most basic part of the Constitution is the right to freedom of expression and expression, as well as the right to gather, the right to work, religious rights, education, and the right to justice.It is up to all governments to ensure that these rights are protected, and I guarantee that we will never let this go.

Education has been a means of empowerment, according to Supreme Court Judge Sanjay Kishan Kaul.Education is the first thing that will empower women in terms of their rights, followed by equal opportunity in family finances.One-third of all court officers are women, not because of any fear but because of their own credentials.According to him, the Madras high court has the most female judges in the nation.

It is in a unique position to work with civil society.According to him, it would take suo motu cognition of human rights abuses.